Group Health Insurance: 3 Features To Look At For Plans That Cover Family Members Of Employees

Being able to offer group health insurance to your employees can really help your company stand out. Many potential employees will be more likely to choose your company over a competitor’s if your company has an excellent group insurance plan, as medical expenses are particularly expensive in America. The average annual spending on health care for a person under the age of 65 is approximately $4,255 a year. Because of this, you should focus on getting an attractive group health insurance plan for your company—especially one that offers coverage for the employees’ family members.

Get a CLUE: Insurance Report Facts Homeowners Need to Know

If you were having trouble getting a loan or a credit card with a low interest rate, you’d probably check your credit report to find out what was wrong. If your car insurance payment skyrocketed without explanation, you might look up your driving history report to check for errors. But do you know where to start looking for answers if you’re paying too much for your homeowner’s insurance? Many homeowners don’t.

Why You Need To Keep Your Title And Registration Up To Date

Title and registration fees are already expensive. To make things even worse, you don’t get a refund if you move before they expire, but you still have to pay the full fee to your new local DMV within just a few weeks of moving into your new home. Many people try to put off updating their title and registration until their current documents actually expire. This is a very bad idea.

Starting A Home Business? Make Sure You Get The Right Insurance Coverage

If you are planning on starting a business out of your home, you may need to update your homeowner’s insurance policy. Homeowner’s insurance is a necessity if you own a home, but adding a home-based business can affect the rates you pay. In addition, you will want to make sure your new business has enough insurance coverage, and this may require modifying your current policy. Here are several things you should know about insurance and a home business.

Renters Insurance: What Is It And Why Do You Need It, Anyway?

If you are like most renters, you probably don’t have renters insurance. According to a survey conducted by the Insurance Information Institute in 2012 only 31% of renters purchase renters insurance. You may assume that you don’t need insurance because your landlord has homeowners insurance. You may be surprised to learn that in order to protect your possessions you need a separate insurance policy. Doesn’t the Landlord’s Insurance Cover Everything in My Rental Space?

Does Your Life Insurance Policy Have Living Benefits?

Many people hate talking about purchasing life insurance for themselves. This may be because it means that they have to envision what life will look like after their death, and sometimes this can be a scary thought. What many people do not realize is that certain types of life insurance can be used before a person dies. Certain types of policies can contain living benefits that will allow the policy to be utilized by the living.

3 Things To Know About Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Coverage

SR22 insurance coverage is often necessary after being convicted of a DUI or any other type of serious driving violation. When it is needed, you must get it, and this is necessary even if you do not currently own a vehicle. The type of coverage you would need is called non-owner SR22 insurance, and this type is specifically designed for people that do not own vehicles. Here are three important things you should know about non-owner coverage if you are told you need SR22 insurance.

New Homeowner Tidbits: How You Can Save Some Money On Expenses

There are a variety of benefits to take advantage of as a new homeowner, such as the opportunity to claim various tax deductions and the freedom to make changes, small or large, as you see fit. You can also count on your investment to pay off for your family for many generations to come. But offsetting some of those benefits are expenses, like home insurance and maintenance, which has to be faced as time goes on.