How to Fulfill Your New York Insurance Continuing Education Requirements With Ease

If you are an insurance professional in the state of New York, then you’ll need to complete some insurance continuing education (CE) courses to keep your credentials up-to-date and to remain informed about important changes within the insurance industry. The good news is that there are options to help you work through the required courses without stress or anxiety. Insurance continuing education is an excellent way to ensure that you obtain all of the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively practice in New York.

3 Ways Professional Liability Insurance For Architects & Engineers Protects You

As a building design professional, such as an architect or engineer who works on high-cost projects, you will want to make sure you have professional liability insurance, or errors and omissions insurance. This type of insurance can protect you against various charges that a client could bring against you.  1. Protect Against Mistakes and Oversights If you are accused of a professional mistake as a design professional, regardless of if the accusation is founded, it can be costly.

4 Car Insurance History Factors That Impact Your Premium

When it comes to your auto coverage premium, there are various types of information that the car insurance company collects and uses to determine how risky it is to offer you coverage and how much you should be charged. One of the major factors that insurance companies consider is your car insurance history, which can be broken down into multiple different factors. Factor #1: Length of Time at Last Insurance Agent

What Happens When Your Auto Insurance Lapses And How Can You Avoid This Problem?

Auto insurance is necessary for all drivers and car owners, yet it is also an expense that you might not like. If you run short on cash or have extra bills, you might forget to pay your auto insurance premiums. If this occurs, your insurance company might cancel your policy, leaving you without coverage. When this happens, you experience a lapse in coverage. Here is an explanation of what happens when your auto insurance lapses and ways to avoid this issue.

What Your Cybersecurity Insurance Policy Should Look Like In 2020

According to a 2007 study, a hacking attempt is made every 39 seconds. Businesses operating in 2020 are faced with multiple cybersecurity threats, ranging from malware to ransomware and phishing attempts. Therefore, having some form of coverage for potential hacks is critical. Cybersecurity insurance is a combination of products and services that help you avoid many different types of risk. This coverage could minimize the financial setbacks of data breaches, along with providing appropriate resources for businesses that need to fulfill regulatory obligations.

The Effects A Car's Make And Model Have On Your Auto Insurance Rates

Do you know what factors affect your auto insurance rates? Many people understand some of the factors that affect their rates, but some do not understand the effects a car’s make and model have on their premiums. Your vehicle’s make and model will affect the price you pay for your insurance coverage, and here are several things to know about these effects. A Car’s Age Affects Its Value One of the questions your insurance agent will ask is the age of the vehicle.

How Extra Expenses Coverage Can Protect Property During Civil Unrest

When your business is located in an area experiencing civil unrest, proper insurance will be vital to continued operations and recovery from damage. And one important element of this coverage is also a little-known clause: extra expenses coverage. Do you have such coverage? If you’re not sure, you would do well to find out. Here are a few answers to key questions that can protect your business and finances. What Is Extra Expenses Coverage?

The Best Ways To Compare Car Insurance Quotes

If you do not know a lot about auto insurance, it might be hard for you to know what you are looking for when comparing quotes from different auto insurance companies. If you do not know what you are looking for, you might choose the wrong company for your auto insurance coverage. Here are some tips to help you compare quotes if you are in this position. Ask for a Few and Place Them Side-By-Side

Three Reasons Why Bundling Life Insurance With Car Insurance Makes Complete Sense

When you think of all of the different types of insurance you can buy, you generally do not lump life insurance together with auto insurance or even with homeowner’s insurance for that matter. Yet, insurance agents always urge you to buy these different policies together. While it may make sense to you to bundle auto insurance with homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, it might seem a little more strange to bundle life insurance with anything else.